WORTH has a holistic approach to optimal health for youth.  It incorporates evidence-based programs and practices to produce solid relationship education.

Regardless of race, religion, disability gender or orientation, WORTH places a high priority on respect and the right to individual choice. Presentations are age-appropriate and relevant to all.

Mission: Equipping youth for future relationships

Motto: “You deserve to be loved for who you are, not just for what you do.”


WORTH is based on the REAL Essentials, an evidence-based, peer reviewed curriculum published by the Center for Relationship Education. 

  • Based on several learning theories
  • Medically accurate & age-appropriate
  • Employs a trauma-informed approach
  • Aims to equip youth with protective factors
  • Aligns with National Health Education Standards
  • Inclusive: aims to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for all


WORTH educators are college-educated professionals holding degrees in health care or education, and have teaching experience that spans twenty years. They are certified with SRAS (Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist) credentials and regularly fulfill continuing education requirements.

WORTH is a subsidiary of Tender Care Pregnancy Center.  As such, their 501C3 status assures management and oversight for fiscal responsibilities. However, the WORTH program operates under a separate mission and focus.