The WORTH program includes a wide range of relevant relationship topics for different venues and age groups. All scheduling is flexible with consideration for specific requests.

              Schools (ideal for middle school and high school classes)
              Community Organizations
              Youth Groups
              Summer Camps
              Parenting Workshops


WORTH presentations are well suited for subjects such as: Health, Family and Consumer Science, Human Development and Consumer Math, to name a few.  Lessons can also be tailored for Alternative Education, Special Education and LIU classes. WORTH incorporates a number of STEM skills as well as Emotional Intelligence in school presentations.

Middle School Program

MS7- In this 4-Day lesson plan, 7th graders are introduced to the concept of love and how it differs from infatuation. Using creative object lessons students learn about social media dangers, healthy decision-making, STD awareness and refusal skills.

MS8 – This 4-Day lesson plan builds on the introduction with a focus on relationship health, specifically addressing the influence of personality differences and what ‘red flag’ relationships look like. Through compelling discussion, students learn about preventing sexual assault, personal dating standards, boundaries and goal setting.

The middle school program includes lesson page packets that incorporate home assignments designed to engage parents in the discussion of these topics.

High School Program

This 4-Day lesson plan appeals to high school students by addressing relationship dynamics through lively discussion, creative object lesson and technology. Topics include the influence of perspective, the art of small talk, conflict resolution, dating boundaries, break up skills and success sequencing.

Money Habitudes

This fun, 1-Day lesson helps students process how finances impact relationships, particularly when goals and priorities are not the same. 

Recipe for Success

This 1-Day lesson is ideal for a cooking class, as students learn success sequencing through recipe analysis.


To serve the wider community, flexible scheduling is available on a variety of topics. These presentations are approximately 45-60 minutes in length.

My Brain and Decision Making
Participants will explore adolescent brain development in connection with decision making, learn 7 steps to healthy decision making, and practice these steps through role play scenarios.

Emotional Intelligence – Part 1: Self Awareness & Assets
Participants will explore self-awareness by discovering their personality style, exploring external and internal assets and being assured of their worth and value regardless of merit, performance, or appearance.

Emotional Intelligence – Part 2: Self-Management & Influences
Participants will explore and learn skills to overcome potential obstacles and influences through application of refusal skills.

Relational Intelligence – Part 1: The Matters of the Heart
Participants will be encouraged to communicate and evaluate basic emotional human needs and differentiate love vs infatuation relationships.

Relational Intelligence – Part 2: The Foundation
Participants will learn 6 types of intimacy, explore how each affects the whole person’s health, and learn how to build a foundation for healthy relationships.

Relational Intelligence – Part 3: The Dating Scene
Participants will explore creative, healthy, and fun ways to date while identifying the purpose of dating, adopting healthy dating guidelines, and understanding the value of friendship as it applies to dating.

Relational Intelligence – Part 4: Keeping It Healthy
 Participants will learn the power of asking for help, become aware of danger signs and red flags in relationships, empowered with skills and language to discuss and set physical boundaries, and discover the freedoms associated with choosing healthy relationship development.

Communication is Key 

Participants will be enabled and empowered with communication tools for fostering understanding, creating safety, and resolving conflict through role play scenarios, speaker/listener techniques, and problem-solving strategies.

Sexually Healthy                                                

Participants will explore the meaning of sex, issues of consent including sexual assault prevention and response, and teen pregnancy/STD prevention.

Pornography Dangers

Participants will learn about the powerful impact of pornography on the brain, the heart and the world by analyzing research findings followed by small group presentations.  

Future Passion & Purpose
Participants will utilize a 20-question survey and success sequencing model to help them discover their passion & purpose and create a life recipe for their future.

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